Training on new technologies

As new technologies develop, it is important that employees always have a set of right competences to keep up with new technologies. Therefore, focusing on continuous training in companies is key

Lifelong learning

Focus on lifelong learning programmes for up and reskilling employees at all levels

Informing about career opportunities

The paper sector is wide and full of diversified job opportunities. It is important to show parents and students the many career opportunities the sector offers

Dual system

To give students practical, updated and hands-on knowledge and experience, leverage on dual systems: these combine apprenticeships in companies with education at a vocational school

Social media

To spread the word and make the sector more appealing to the new generation, use and leverage on social media – such as Instagram, TikToka but also platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook

Sectoral image

To make the sector more attractive, it is essential to rework and restructure its image and identity with a view to young people

Open days

To make the sector known to students and their families, organize “open factory” days and invite students and families to see how the industry looks like from within