Involve parents

When approaching young people/students through company visits, technical school visits or at trade fairs, it is useful to involve the parents as they have a strong impact on the decision making of young people and often lack knowledge about job opportunities ion the paper industry

Mentoring and coaching

Establish a specific path that supports the professional development of a young employee, while making sure that he/she acquires the set of skills and competences that are required for a specific job: this can be achieved through the establishment of professional mentoring and coaching, which are figures in the workplace who, by leveraging on his/her experience and greater knowledge of the dynamics of work, supports the development of skills, abilities and knowledge of another less experienced colleague

Diversity and inclusion

Company values must include commitment to diversity and inclusion – by taking care of often commonly under-represented categories, such as women and minorities


Youngsters are more and more interested and committed to sustainability: they want to make an impact through the job they do. To make your industry attractive, show that your business is aware and proactive on sustainability issues

People centered company culture

The company shall be clear on its mission, values, and culture. It is important to focus on strengthening a strong company value and culture that is people-centered: this will enable the creation of a culture of dialogue where employees can express their ideas and concerns

Work-life balance

Salary is important, but for the new generation that is not enough: youngsters also look for a meaningful work-life balance that could allow them to preserve their wellbeing. Make sure your company is committed to wellbeing and balancing work and private life

A modern working environment

Attracting youngsters also means restructuring the working environment by creating a modern, flexible and friendly space with an “open-door” policy

Employees working conditions

Sectoral social partners shall be committed to promoting continuous and fruitful social dialogue, in order to always safeguard good working conditions for employees

Internships and apprenticeships

To get young people onboard and increase the attractiveness of the sector, leverage on internships and/or apprenticeships opportunities. This will also help them to acquire the necessary set of skills and competences

Company vision

As a company, it is crucial to create or strengthen a vision of what your employees could achieve in the future