On this page, you’ll find a description of jobs and tasks that are specific to the pulp and paper industries. They are divided into those for which you need university skills (“white collar workers”) and those for which you can train in schools and with on-the-job training (“blue collar workers”).
However, like all sectors, the pulp and paper industry also recruits many additional occupational profiles in the area of innovation/product development, sales and supplies, logistics and marketing, administration, human resources, finance and management.




Shift Leader

A Shift Leader supervises the daily operations of a mill in the absence of a manager. Responsibilities include establishing of the shift schedule, reporting problems, assigning duties to staff, and readily helping out at any workstation during their shift.

High School Diploma + additional education and experience (e.g. Industrial master-craftsman in paper production)

Human Resources
Officer / Recruiter

A Human Resource Officer / Recruiter manages all human resource (HR) related services in a paper company. This includes employee relations, recruitment and employment contracts, talent development and performance (KPI) definition and management.

Master´s Degree in Business, HR or professional certificate in HR studies

Supply Chain Expert

A Supply Chain Expert is in charge of managing and controlling the proper functioning of the supply chain. This involves liaising with internal and external contacts to maintain accurate supplier contract balances and arrival dates, reviewing shipments in compliance with supply contracts and updating supply chain databases.

Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a similar field

Safety and Quality Expert

A Safety and Quality Expert supervises and coordinates safety, health and environmental activities to ensure compliance with local government regulations and company rules. He or she manages the quality and environment systems according to the regulations.

Basic training in the field of safety, Degree in management engineering, prevention and safety in the processing industry or similar

Sustainability Specialist

A Sustainability Specialist both determines and analyses environmental impacts through the development and use of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and participates in the development of more sustainable products and supply chains. This involves establishing and monitoring performance indicators in line with sustainability commitments as well as managing sustainability related certification schemes.

Bachelor’s degree in a technical field in environmental science, engineering, or another related field (Chemical or Environmental Master’s degree is preferred)

Sales and Business Development Manager

A Sales and Business Development Manager is in charge of successfully developing sales and business, planning growth and managing customer relations. He/she is tasked with identifying concrete sales opportunities and upcoming projects and developing strong relationships to the customer base. This position requires a good technical understanding of papermaking and paper converting, as well as knowledge about the different products of the company.

Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related field / Experience in sales, marketing or a related field

Production Supervisor

A Production Supervisor is in charge of maintaining and improving high production quality and efficiency in accordance with performance targets such as machine speeds and waste and downtime rates. He/she works closely with the production manager and leads, motivates and supports the production team to ensure that production efficiency goals are met.

Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Paper Technology, Business Administration, or a related field / Industrial master-craftsman in paper production

Process Engineer

A Process Engineer develops and implements process strategies to standardise and optimise operation processes in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. This requires cooperation with cross-functional teams (mill operation and maintenance, central IT teams, quality) and the development of best practices to ensure process improvements.

Degree in an engineering discipline

Product Development Engineer

A Product Engineer develops, plans, tests and researches new products and materials. This profession often requires an excellent understanding of material technology and high-level STEM skills. A product engineer is generally part of the Research & Development operations team.

University degree in material science, process or chemical engineering




Automation Technician

An Automation Technician repairs and maintains the computer-controlled systems and robotic devices used within industrial and commercial facilities to reduce human intervention and maximise efficiency. Their duties require knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and computers.

Automation technology or mechatronics associate degree program

Laboratory Technician

A Laboratory Technician is responsible for performing laboratory tests, setting up the laboratory equipment and maintaining records of test procedures. He/she is also the point of contact for customers requesting testing.

High school education and relevant experience or a relevant post high school degree

Pulp Technician

A Pulp Technician operates in pulp production teams, performing technical tasks in the production of pulp, paper, and related products. This also involves maintaining machines, resolving technical malfunctions, and ensuring that the production process runs smoothly.

Pulp and Paper Technician / Engineering + on-the-job training

Paper Machine Technology Specialist

The Paper Machine Technology Specialist controls and regulates the paper production processes. He checks the paper properties and qualities, prepares the raw materials for production, and also supports the maintenance of the machinery, , pumps, and other tools.

Two-year post diploma specialization / Paper technology degree

Barking and Cutting Plant Operator

A Barking and Cutting Plant Operator is responsible for the cutting and folding of paper in the required sheet sizes and their preparation for shipment to the customer. This involves measuring, scaling, and cutting the products with the help of computer programmed equipment.

High school graduate or equivalent

Electrical Fitter

An Electrical Fitter instals, maintains, and repairs the vast array of electrical equipment and wiring used in the paper production, the warehouse, and other facilities. He or she is basically the electrician in the production environment of a paper company.


Vocational Training Diploma

Paper Chemist

A Paper Chemist is responsible for the constant improvement of the quality of the various paper products, whilst working towards a reduction of the environmental impact of industrial paper making and recycling. This function also involves the process coordination in various mills to ensure product homogeneity.

Degree in chemistry or chemical engineering / Master’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry or chemical engineering

Paper Machine Assistant

Assists the paper machine operator in all his/her functions: based on the strong understanding of mechanical and computerized machinery required in order to install, maintain, and operate paper production machinery. The role involves the ability to distinguish defects and colour variations in paper.

Paper technologist

Maintenance Technician

A Maintenance Technician ensures the proper functioning of electrical systems, mechanical systems, and electronic components of machinery and equipment through maintenance and repair. In addition she/he is responsible for finding the most cost effective and efficient ways of repairing and maintaining machinery.

2 years technical training in electronics/electrical

Warehouse Operator

A Warehouse Operator receives, stores, and sends products manufactured in the plant. Inventories as well as processing of various documents are also part of the job description. Warehouse operators can be independently responsible for the company’s warehouse operations or be part of a larger company’s warehousing team.

Vocational training in logistics