FINLAND | In-depth training in technical fields for student counsellors

Chemical, Technology and Forest industries of Finland gather groups of 15-25 student counsellors from upper secondary schools and high schools around Finland to learn more about the industries, which are the biggest export industries in the country. The programme has consisted of 2-3 intensive learning periods lasting 2 days, and in between, student counsellors have had an opportunity to visit manufacturing plants from our industries.

Key stakeholders:
– Finnish Forest Industries Federation
– Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
– Technology Industries of Finland

Specific Benefits:
Student counsellors have a crucial part in advising young people on their career paths. By giving a chance to take part in this course, we not only provide up-to-date info on our industries, but keep in contact with this important group of professionals. Furthermore, student counsellors who have taken part in this training have better acquirements for their job and can spread information among their colleagues.

Conditions for success:
Commitment of participants to involve all parts of the training, well-planned and interesting programme.